Department of Chemisty

The department aspires to be an academic institution for education and research in chemical science and engineering of the highest international standard. The aim is to generate and to develop technology and scientific knowledge relevant for the long-term needs of society. Scientific curiosity and the use of newly generated knowledge are the main driving forces behind the continuing enhancement of the three chosen fields of expertise: molecular chemistry, materials, and process engineering


  • To stimulate curiosity among the students and make them to understand the importance of Science and Technology; which are the two faces of a coin
  • To provide the knowledge and understanding of latest developments in Science so that the students can explore it for the development of Technology.
  • To stimulate "Research Attitude" among the students and the staff so that they could be innovators and inventers of tomorrow.
  • To develop research collaborations with leading institutions/ laboratories and work together towards betterment of the society.
  • To assist HMSIT in its overall development to scale new heights in the technical field by becoming a premier technological institute in the country through excellence in teaching, guiding and counseling the students.


  • To provide the knowledge of applied chemistry to the students and exposure to laboratory work using analytic instruments
  • To provide opportunities to the students and the staff to expose their talents in technical exhibitions, seminars, workshops and conferences.
  • To inculcate moral values among the students through self discipline.
  • To create awareness regarding physical and mental fitness among students and staff.
  • To achieve over all development of the students by paying individual attention through interaction and counseling
  • To encourage the faculty to acquire Ph.D degree and to motivate them to take research as an integral part of their professional duties.