Department of the Information Science and Engineering

A. About the Department:

The Information Science and Engineering Department was started in the year 2023. The curriculum is being updated every four years by the University to meet the present day requirements in IT industries. The duration of the course is four year, with an annual intake of 120 students.

B. Mission of the department

1. To create employable and entrepreneurial engineers with academic excellence, positive attitude, effective communication & interpersonal skills, good character, self confidence and leadership qualities and high integrity to serve the interest of society and nation

2. To become a center for research and excellence in Information Science and Engineering and to provide excellent learning facilities for rural and urban students and to produce highly dynamic and qualified software engineers of high caliber to meet the expectations of industry.

C.Short Term Goals:

  • To develop lab facilities with essential and adequate equipment and instruments
  • To improve the performance of the students in University examination.
  • To have consultancy and collaborative programs with other institutions and industries.
  • To upgrade the qualification of all the faulty members.
  • To enhance the participation of students and staff members in State level and National level seminars and conferences.
  • To keep faculty members abreast with the latest trends and developments in Research, Technology and Teaching methodologies especially through interaction, by sending them to other premier Institutions for research.
  • To motivate the faculty to remain exposed to the Industrial processes & activities.
  • To arrange Special classes for rural students for improving their Communication Skills.
  • All information's concerning students/ staff to be made available On-line.

D. Long Term Goals:

  • To be No: 1 department to offer training and education in Information Science and Engineering.
  • To establish a research and development centre to enhance research and training facilities for the students, staff and also employed personnel in process industries.
  • To create the necessary infrastructure to undertake sponsored and funded projects in the areas of Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing.
  • To strengthen Industry – Institute interaction by undertaking applied research / development oriented projects by students and faculty members
  • To start on-line transfer of knowledge in appropriate technology by means of establishing multipurpose resource centers.
  • To build & promote teams of experts in the upcoming specializations
  • Top establish collaborative programmes with foreign universities
  • To establish State of the art research facilities in the department
  • To develop consultancy for various industries